2014 Call #: 312

Kuhl Hose Responses



09/15 - RIT Assist Dept 44


09/14 - EMS Call

AFA Bennett Rd


09/12 - EMS Call


09/09 - EMS Call


09/07 - EMS Call


09/06 - 3 EMS Calls





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Recent Incidents



Garage Fire


08/24 - Kuhl Hose was dispatched to Old Wattsburg Rd for a Barn Fire.  On arrival 683 reported an out building heavy fire involvement.  683 stretched and line and made the initial knock down of the fire.  682, 423 and Truck 379 crews stretched a 2nd line and assisted with overhaul and extinguishment.   Wattsburg 176 assisted 685 & 686 with water supply.  All other units were returned.  The fire is under investigation.



MVA Kuhl & Harborgreene Rd


08/23 - Brookside and Kuhl Hose were dispatched to Kuhl & Harborgreene Rd's for a 2 vehicle accident, 1 roll over and 1 into a pole.  Initial reports were of multiple patients and entrapment.  Squad 247 & Chief 680 arrived and reported 1 rolled over in the ditch, 1 into a pole.  247 quickly confirmed there was no entrapment and only 2 patients.  687, 697 and 248 also responded.   247 & 697 treated and had 2 patient refusals.  687 & 248 secured the vehicles.  Crews cleared the scene in a short time, and fire police remained on the scene until the vehicles were moved.  PSP is investigating the accident. 



MVA RT 8 & Tate


07/16 - Just before 12:30 Wednesday Kuhl Hose was dispatched to RT 8 & Tate Rd for a multi vehicle accident.  On arrival 680 reported 3 vehicles moderate damage.  After initial triage and assessment 680 reported 5 patients, 1 confined.  MPS and ECI were requested to assist with ambulances.  687 & 697 arrived and began to treat patients.  On 683 arrival they stabilized and secured the vehicles and prepared to remove the door for patient access.  Once access was gained, all patients were treated and transported.  Fire Police assisted until the road was cleared of the vehicles.  The accident is under investigation by the State Police and all crews cleared the scene with in 45 minutes.



MVA RT 8 Assist Belle Valley


07/12 - Belle Valley was dispatched for a vehicle accident on Wattsburg Rd @ I-90 East bound off ramp.  On arrival Chief 370 reported 2 vehicles moderate damage, 3 patients and 1 confined.  Rescue 368 and Emergycare responded to the scene.  Kuhl Hose was requested for 2 ambulances to assist.  Rescue 368 removed the driver door and made access to the patient.  On arrival Kuhl Hose EMS crews assessed patients and packaged them for transport.  Both patients were transported to St Vincent.  The accident is under investigation.




07/07 - During the afternoon busy drive time, as well as a passing Thunderstorm with heavy rain, a 2 vehicle accident occurred.  On arrival 680 reported 2 vehicles moderate damage.  697 arrived and began assessment and triage of the patients.  On arrival of 687 each ambulance prepared 2 patients for transport.  683 arrived secured the vehicles and assisted with patient care.  The accident is under investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police.



Garage Fire Assist Dept 24

07/06 - Kuhl Hose was sent to the 3800 block of Station Rd to assist Brookside with a garage fire.  On arrival Chief 250 confirmed smoke showing.  683 was initially dispatched as RIT and was assigned to suppression on arrival.  The fire was quickly contained and crews worked for a short time to overhaul and extinguish the fire.  1 firefighter was injured when he slipped resulting in a knee injury.  He was transported to UPMC Hamot for evaluation.  The fire is under investigation.



House Fire Assist Dept 24

05/28 - Kuhl Hose was dispatched for an engine and tender to assist Brookside on Hannon Rd Ext for a house fire.  On arrival 250 reported a working fire and assumed command.  682 Engine arrived stretched a line and quickly contained the fire.  As other crews arrived a 2nd line was stretched, ventilation performed and secondary searches completed.  242 established water supply and supplied 682 while 685, 715 and 265 shuttled water from about 3/4 mile away.  Crews were on the scene for just over an hour.  The fire is under investigation by the Brookside Fire Company and the Pennsylvania State Police.




Chimney Fire

04/24 - Just before 11 Thursday night, Kuhl Hose was dispatched for a Chimney Fire.  On arrival Chief 680 reported fire from the chimney, and assumed command.  682 & 683 arrived, confirmed the fire was contained to the chimney, removed the burning material from the wood burner and extinguished the fire.  No injuries were reported and crews cleared the scene within an hour. 



Shed/Trailer Fire Assist Perry Hiway

04/22 - Tuesday afternoon Perry Hiway was dispatched to a trailer fire on Applewood Ln.  680 was 1st to arrive, reported a shed fire next to a trailer with some extension.  432 Engine arrived, stretched a line and made a quick knockdown of the fire.   683 & 363 engine  crews opened up the exterior walls of the trailer and found some minor extension and quickly had it contained.  The fire is under investigation by Perry Hiway Hose and the State Police Fire Marshal. 



Structure Fire Assist Waterford

04/17 - As crews were clearing the RT 8 Wild Land fire they were sent to Waterford for a house fire @ 1st & Chestnut St's.  First arriving companies reported a working fire.  Chief 140 arrived assumed command and assigned the 1st crews to an interior attack.  Chief 680 arrived and was assigned the Ops Chief duties.  682 Engine arrived was sent to the 2nd Division to make an attack on the fire.   The Fire fanned by high winds quickly spread and crews were called out of the building and an defensive attack was made.  683 laid a line from 3rd and Chestnut and supplied Truck 389 for master stream ops.  The stubborn fire took several hours to contain, and crews remained for overhaul for several more hours.  The fire is under investigation. 



Wild Land Fire

04/17 - Mid afternoon Thursday Kuhl Hose was alerted to a wild land fire threatening exposures on RT 8 near Kuhl Rd.  680 arrived on the scene reported fast moving 1/4 acre fire.  High winds added to the fires spread.  683 & 689 arrived and crews quickly contained the fire, overhauled the area and returned to service within 30 minutes.



Tractor Trailer Fire

04/15 - Kuhl Hose was dispatched to Hunter Truck Sales/Service for a tractor trailer fire.  On arrival 68S1 confirmed a working fire.  683 arrived pulled a line and made a hit on the fire.  685 supplied 683, the fire was quickly contained and extinguished.  Crews were on the scene for less than 30 minutes. 



Wildland Fire extends to shed/grain bin

04/14 - Just before 11 Monday morning Kuhl Hose was dispatched for a shed fire on Lake Pleasant Rd.  On arrival 686 reported a large fire in a shed and extension to a grain bin and other material.  686 requested an additional engine.   On arrival 680 assumed command.  Crews from 682 & 683 stretched 2 lines from 686 and  contained the fire while protecting 2 large barn exposures.  Once the fire was contained, extensive overhaul was required.  Crews from 687 & 689 assisted with this task.  The fire appears to have started from a wild land fire that extended to the structure.  689 was used to extinguish the original fire area.  Crews were on the scene for just over an hour.